Former Student: coming from outside the Elk City District but has previously attended Elk City at ANY time in the past.

Step 1 - Pre-Registration

     - Complete the pre-registration application by clicking on the link below.

Elk City Schools Pre registration for new students

- You will receive an email from the District Registrar requesting the student's Birth Certificate, the student's current Immunization Record,
and the parent/guardians Proof of Residency, along with some other information.
Once the required documentation is provided, the student's pre-registration will be approved.

You are welcome to come to the Board of Education, located at 300 N. Boone Ave., and provide the above-mentioned required documents

and/or for assistance from the District Registrar in completing the enrollment process. 

      - Upon approval of the student's pre-registration, you will receive another email containing your student's Access ID and Access Password.
You will only need the Access ID and Access Password to add your student to your PowerSchool Parent Account, you will not need to remember this. 

Step 2 - Elk City Schools PowerSchool Parent Portal

     - Go to the Elk City Schools PowerSchool Parent Portal website, by clicking on the link below.

Elk City Schools Powerschool Parent Portal

- If you already have an PowerSchool Parent Account created for a sibling or a current student, please login to your account and
if needed ADD the student to your existing Parent Account using your student's Access ID & Access Password,
then skip to Step 5.

        To add a student to your existing PowerSchool Parent Account:
'Navigation: Account Preferences' > 'Students' tab > 'Add' button

      If you have forgotten your Username and/or Password or need your student's Access ID & Access Password
please  email or call the school office for assistance.

Step 3 - Create PowerSchool Parent Account

     When the login page for PowerSchool Parent Portal opens:
- Click on the 'Create Account' tab
- Click on the 'Create Account' button
        - Under 'Parent Account Details' fill in your desired information.
please remember your username and password
        - Under 'Link Students to Account' fill in your students full name, enter the Access ID & Access Password
(that you received via email upon completion of Step 1), and your relationship to the student.
- Click the 'Enter' button

If you have any trouble, HERE are detailed instructions for creating a PowerSchool Parent Account.

Step 4 - Verify Account

      - You will receive an email from Elk City Public Schools PowerSchool requesting you verify your account;
click on the link within the email to verify your account.

        - Once you have verified your account login to your PowerSchool Parent Account
utilizing the username and password you created in the previous step.

Step 5 - Enrollment Forms

  If you have multiple students enrolled in Elk City Schools make sure you have the appropriate student's tab selected in the top menu bar, then:

     - Click on 'Forms' on the left hand side of the screen
If you are using a phone you will have to expand the gray toolbar by clicking on the black arrow in the top left hand corner.

You can click on 'Forms' in the gray toolbar on the left to ensure you have successfully submitted all of the forms
by confirming that each form is green instead of orange.


Elk City Elementary - 580-225-7722

Elk City Intermediate - 580-225-2687

Elk City Middle School - 580-225-5043

Elk City High School - 580-225-0105