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Jan 03 2017
04:10:00 PM

Nurses' Notes


Each year, on January 1st, we often plan to improve our lives with well meant resolutions.  Some we keep and some we don’t.  This year, why not make resolutions for the whole family?  Have a family meeting and come up with some resolutions that will help you have a healthy and happy 2017.  It is important to work together as a family to keep the resolutions you choose all year long.   Here are a few suggestions that would be healthy for your family:

·         Add some green – Increase the daily intake of vegetables at your house.

·         Walk the dog – even if you don’t have one!  Family walks are a great way to enjoy exercising together.  It is also nice to get outside in the fresh air.

·         Turn off Electronics – At least one night a month, turn off all electronics in your home and spend time together as a family.  Play board games or read.

·          Gather Round the Table – Schedule nights when the whole family is able to come together for a family meal.  Aim to do this at least once a week. Take turns planning the meal and cook together.

·         Practice Safety – Wear seatbelts in the car, helmets when biking, skate boarding, or roller blading.  Teach safety habits to your children.

·         Don’t go Up in Smoke – Keep your family smoke-free.  Don’t allow smoking in your home or car.  If you need help quitting tobacco call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free help.

Source: Delaware School Nurse Association

Have a Safe, Healthy & Happy New Year!

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